Everyday care

After coming home, a fur coat has to be brushed up, put on a hanger and placed into a wardrobe, thus, the air would easily circulate around and the fur would not get rumpled. Dry a wet coat placed on a hanger at room temperature. In case if a dried coat has lost its natural shine, comb it with a metal brush.

Getting ready for Storage

At the end of the season, take the fur coat out to the open air, brush it up, wipe the dirt and dust, comb it with a metal brush and dry it with an arid natural bristly one. However, if the fur is dirty it has to be cleaned at the specialised dry cleaners.

Storage at storehouse

During the summer period, the best idea is to keep your fur coats at the fur storehouse with specific temperature and moisture level. GAUJA AB also offers such kind of service for its clients. The fur storage fee is Ls 10 per month.

Storage at home

At home, you can store a fur coat in a dark wardrobe covered by some cloth or paper. For the sake of anti-moth protection you can use dried slams of orange, tobacco or geranium leaves. It is not advised to store fur articles one against the other. Do not spray the fur with naftalyn and put it into a suitcase or an empty couch. It is necessary to air the fur and change the anti-moth components once per 4 month. Moreover, avoid keeping non-coloured and coloured fur items together.

Never ever

Never dry a fur coat too close to the heater
Never comb a wet fur coat
Never store a fur coat in a plastic bag
Never spray a fur coat with any fragrance, perfume or toilette water
Be aware of jewellery and accessories, try to avoid any damage of fur or its lining
Wearing heavy handbags on your shoulders is not recommended – it makes the fur look worn out
Do not try to clean out the stains by yourself (paint, blood, vine, juice, ink, etc.), ask for professional advice and have your coat cleaned at fur dry cleaner’s.
5 pieces of advice on how to check fur’s quality:

5 pieces of advice on how to check fur’s quality

1. Compress some part of the fur article in your hand. After you have set it free again make sure it recovers to its normal state immediately.
2. Certainly smell the fur – amateur fur product has a strong unpleasant smell
3. Fur has to be soft, but bristles – shiny and not sticked together
4. Iron the fur with your hand against the bristles’ growth, long bristles must not fall out and down should be really thin.
5. The bristles cannot be easily removed from the fur coat.