Customised Orders

It is possible to order any of the models seen in the GAUJA AB catalogue in any colour and fur texture (look up in the “materials” part) with elements at your choice.

Whether you desire to have a coat which will entirely suit your expectations, GAUJA AB tailors will help you to make your wishes come true designing a special model according to your individual needs.

Renovation of Fur Coats

After making a purchase, you can always return to GAUJA AB tailors in order to renovate your fur coat if needed.

Fur Care

In order to secure the initial state of the chosen fur coat, thus, it would last you years of joy, personnel of GAUJA AB saloon is to provide all necessary information about fur coats’ care and proper storage.


Fur Coat Storage

During the summer season, we offer fur coats’ storage at our GAUJA AB storehouse, which meets temperature and moisture requirements for storing furs. This service fee is Ls 10.